Sponsor News: Joining the Huub Team

As a first year pro, I am very excited to make an announcement regarding sponsorship for the 2015 season. After 3 seasons of racing in a hand-me-down wetsuit I am very much looking forward to having my very own, brand spanking new Huub wetsuit! If all the swimming that is in my horizon once I am back in the swing of structured training does not make me faster, this wetsuit most certainly will. I have no doubt that I will have a new personal best in the swim after the first race of the season.

I am honored to be joining some of the most talented athletes in the sport as an ambassador for Huub. Alistair Brownlee sported Huub during his Gold Medal performance at the 2012 Olympic games in London. Female pro Caroline Steffen, who is no stranger to the podium at Kona, also wears Huub.  One more name drop, Gordon Ramsey the chef turned Kona-finisher can also be spotted wearing a Huub wetsuit. My partnership with Huub was born out of a conversation with US pro Andrew Yoder, who helped point me in the right direction when I told him about my current wetsuit and my need to gain some speed in the water. I sent an email to the founder of Huub, Deano Jackson, and he sent a reply in less than 24 hours! I was shocked to get such a swift response, especially from the head honcho. Less than 24 hours, that is record setting, at least in my experience. I was floored and giddy like a school girl. Deano put me in touch with the right people, Beth and Chris, and I am now working on figuring out which size is best for me.

Huub (pronounced Hoob), which means "bright mind" in Dutchis named after Huub Toussaint who is a PhD in Mechanics and Energetics of swimming and has a very impressive CV filled with research papers about swimming, so you can be assured that a lot of time was spent on research and development to make a world class product. This is what Deano set out to do when he started the company, make a fast product with the data to prove its speed. The experts at Swim Smooth were also brought on board so that the wetsuits would be designed and tailored to best suit different stroke styles. They have an extremely helpful guide on their website that helped guide me in the right direction to select the wetsuit that would best suit my swim style and give me some free speed in the water.

I am looking forward to some fast swim times this season. I have also been told that when you put it on, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a wetsuit. That sounds like a dream, and I cannot wait to try it out. Let me know if you are interested in Huub and their great wetsuits. I have done spent quite a bit of time researching and talking to some folks, like A3 teammate Janine Willis, who have tested their products to figure out which wetsuit will be fit my needs. I can also hook you up with a discount :)