Thankful Thursday: Part III

This Thursday I need to thank the bike shop, which was the first one I called "my shop," and where my triathlon career began to take flight, Breakaway Bikes. I cannot really recall my first visit to the shop or why I chose Breakaway over any number of other bike shops in Center City Philadelphia in the fall of 2011, but I am glad that my instincts lead me to the right place. It is the shop that nurtured me from a novice triathlete with no knowledge about bikes, to an experienced elite who knows a great deal more about bikes. 

It is where I met Coach Todd, got hooked on RPM classes that boosted my biking power, and joined the awesome Breakaway Racing Team. Todd and shop owners Joe and Glenn selected me as a Trek Grassroots sponsored athlete so I was able to afford my first TT bike, a 2013 Speed Concept, at a generous discount. Breakaway has been instrumental in my success with their support throughout my triathlon career in countless ways. 

Some of the victorious Breakaway Racing Team at Eagleman 70.3 

I am honored to have my picture hanging on the wall of the Computrainer Studio, next to owner Joe Wentzell's picture; together we comprise the "World Champion Wall."