Thankful Thursday: Part IV

This week I am showing my love for Philadelphia Bikesmith, the only bike shop I know that likes the color pink as much as I do! In fact, Sam, who is one of the mechanics, loves pink so much that every time I bring in my pink road bike, he drops everything he is doing, and puts my bike in the stand even if it is already perfectly tuned. This is just one example of how the guys at Bikesmith go above and beyond for me. I do not think there are enough words to express my appreciation!

Max and Richie were my trusted mechanics from the very beginning; I can count on them to get the job done no matter what. Even when they are swamped with work, no request, no matter how big or small, goes to the back of the queue. Richie has squeezed me in for a fit adjustment on numerous occasions, and has even come to my apartment on a snowy day when I was too busy studying for an exam to make it in to the shop. 

Richie helping me with my fit.

The whole gang stayed late the Saturday night before I left for Kona to help me and Kiley with our (unreasonable) request to pack multiple bikes to bring to Hawaii. It seriously took hours and I am sure they all had other things they could have been doing at 10pm on a Saturday night, but because of they are so kind and so committed they worked tirelessly into the night. 

Just another day of hanging out and tearing down the bike shop with Richie's daughter, Ava. 

To everyone at Bikesmith-Richie, Max, Sam, Sean, Lucas, Bryson-I am so very grateful for all that you have done for me. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. You are truly vested in my success and happiness and have been outstanding supporters.