In Appreciation of Teamwork

I have been a member of many teams in my life. I ran on the track and cross country teams in high school and college. Now, as a senior medical student, I am a part of the team of healthcare professionals that cares for patients in the hospital and outpatient clinic. I have had far more success in achieving my goals and having favorable outcomes as a member of a team than by myself. I graduated from high school with more team state titles than individual. And in medicine it would be incredibly difficult to deliver the best possible care to a patient without a team of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, social workers, and therapists. A team creates synergy, with results that are far superior to what an individual could produce on their own. 

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Triathlon may be an individual sport on the race course, but it would be near impossible to compete without a team at work behind the scenes. Since I started racing triathlons in 2012 my team has grown and evolved, taking on more substantial roles and becoming pivotal to my success. I am so grateful to have such awesome and faithful supporters, who stand by me and support me through all the ups and downs of training and competing in the crazy sport of long course triathlon. I truly appreciate everything you all have done in helping me chase down my dreams.

Nobody can achieve success alone
— Ifeayni Enoch Onuoha

I will be recognizing some of those who have been essential members of my team over the next several weeks. Thank you for sharing in my success to make it even more worthwhile. 

It is more rewarding to get to the top of the mountain and share your experience with others than to show up by yourself, exhausted.
— Shandel Slaten