Thankful Thursday: Part I

With one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, less than one month away I wanted to express my gratitude towards some of the integral members of my team. This will be the first installment of my "Thankful Thursday" blog series, in which-in no particular order-I will make some special shout-outs and show my profound appreciation for my friends, family, and supporters for their role in helping my dreams become a reality. 

Today I want to thank my wonderful friends and supporters, triathletes and non-triathletes alike. You are my training partners, my cheerleaders, and keepers of my sanity. Especially my inner circle, and you know who you are, thank you for all of the ways you show your support. I know you think  I am (a little) crazy, but you understand the ways in which triathlon brings me joy and fulfillment. Thank you for your sincere interest in my athletic endeavors and for asking how my training is going and about my upcoming races. I am sorry I fall off the face of the Earth when I am in the midst of Ironman training and I am so glad you are still there when I return. I'll be back for a little while now that it is the off-season. 

In particular I need to thank a couple of my triathlete friends, Adam and Bill. If it were not for Adam, I would have had to do my last 20 miler before Kona solo without rocking out to Taylor Swift. Thank you for volunteering to be my long run sag support, you are one of only a few people who would do that for me. Also, thanks for dragging me to your swim practice one early Friday morning and taking lots of GoPro pictures on training rides. And of course, picking Dart up at the cat hospital. 

Thank you Billfor making multiples trips to Jersey and Philly to train and for graciously donating a swim skin to the cause. I also must thank you for educating me on race nutrition and hydration and for introducing me to the "Feed Zone." I may have made a few more mistakes before I figured things out had you not taken time to teach me about the fourth sport in long course triathlon. 

Much love and appreciation for my dear Kings Path neighbors and friends in Hopewell. You are awesome cheerleaders and your investment in my success is inspiring. It is an honor to make you proud.

Finally, thank you to my classmate, colleagues, faculty, and mentors at Jefferson. I feel as if my professional and intellectual growth would have been stunted had I not been able to train and compete throughout my medical education. Without your support it would have been impossible to simultaneously pursue two passions.